Hollywood Tribute® Awards

And oscar viewing ceremony

At the one and only Beverly Hilton


February 9th, 2020
beverly hills hilton

Hollywood Tribute® Awards

is set to host their annual Oscar Viewing Gala & Awards. This exclusive event will be held for the viewing of the Annual Academy Awards premiering on Sunday February 9, 2020. You are invited to be part of this dazzling experience where hundreds famous Hollywood celebrities will be in attendance. You’ll dine and screen live the Academy Awards Oscar in the luxurious Beverly Hilton Hotel at the world-reknowned Beverly Hills, CA. This event will feature Red Carpet photos with interviews by major media, Hollywood Tribute Awards Ceremony, Ms Hollywood Tribute Beauty Contest and Fashion Shows.

Hollywood Tribute® Awards

Hollywood Tribute Awards will be awarding nominees at the event based on their dedication and contribution to the entertainment industry. Hollywood Tribute®, as an organization specializing in cultural exchange and globalized entertainment business, has been bridging Asian nations with the rest of the world. These nations have come to have deeper understanding and appreciation of Hollywood and the Oscars Viewing events, with Asian celebrities in the vein of actors, directors, musicians, fashion designers, models and US government officials. The annual “Hollywood Tribute® Awards” events have seen Hollywood celebrities celebrities to give their blessing to the cultural exchange mission of Hollywood Tribute.

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